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I had my soon-to-be home inspected this morning by Mr. Don Penny. 



Mr. Penny was very thorough with this inspection, and I felt very comfortable with his experience, knowledge and expertise as a professional. 



Being a somewhat anxious first-time home buyer, I was very appreciative of the time and the consideration given to me, as Don reported, and explained (in detail) his findings, and offered recommendations for maintenance and energy savings; I was left with a great sense of relief.



Excellent service!  I will certainly refer others to Mr. Penny and APHI. 






Paula M. Lewis




To whom it may concern:


     Donald Penny was our home inspector for 419 Chimborazo BLVD, Richmond, VA.  He was extremely professional and courteous.  He took the time to walk us through everything and gave us a detailed explanation of each area he inspected.  He demonstrated meticulous attention to detail. Donald answered all of our questions and he was very knowledgable.  His inspection report was very detailed and thorough, and was completed and sent to us the very same evening.  I would strongly recommend him to our friends and family.  We appreciate our experience with Donald Penny.





Elena Scarbrough and Andrew Burrell






Excellent experience! Wonderful, easy to read hard copy report. Also, very user friendly web access to the report.

Rayna Austin

Richmond, VA



My wife and I could not be happier with our home inspection. As new home buyers we feel very vulnerable and ignorant and having someone take their time to explain things was invaluable. We also felt some security with Mr. Penny encouraging us to call him with any questions further down the road. Thank you for such a thorough and conscientious job.




The Myers Family


Don did a great inspection on the property that I was interested in purchasing. I was very concerned about the cost of repairs due to the age and size of the home. He was able to give me a good idea of the potential ongoing costs and the immediate costs that would have been necessary to make the property inhabitable. Following the inspection, Don spoke with me again at length to go over the items in the inspection report and to explain each item in the report. He also gave me a high and low range for the repair expenses. I did not end up purchasing that property but I would definitely use Don again to do the inspection on the next home I consider buying.


Richmond, Virginia


My husband and I were both very impressed with how prompt Donald Penny was. He was professional and was not bothered by the questions that I nor my husband asked. He gave helpful suggestions on maintaining our recently purchased home. My mind was put at ease knowing that he had gone over the entire home from top to bottom. We will recommend American Pride Home Inspections to everyone!


Allen and Jo Wells

Amelia Virginia


“I have used many home inspectors over the last four years and with each one I was hopeful I would find “the one”! Well, that had not happened until I met Don Penny with APHI. Don has always been the most trustworthy, honest, timely, and above all fast while still paying attention to every detail. The book and CD ROM are bonus materials to help assist the client and the realtor in the home inspection process…”

Keller Williams Realty
Richmond, Virginia

Laura Aumen
Laura Aumen
“It’s such a pleasure working with you. I cannot think of any other home inspector I would trust or consider using. The customer service you give to my clients is critical and is a direct reflection of how I do business. All my clients have been more than happy with your service. The report binder and CD copy you give us following an inspection is like no other in the marketplace. I always brag about you to my realtor friends and clients because I know you are the best choice for a Home Inspector in Richmond.”

Coldwell-Banker Vaughan & Co.
Richmond, Virginia

Tracy Moore
Tracy Moore
“Thank you again for another great job. It’s always a pleasure working with you and knowing that my clients are going to be well taken care of. I work with a lot of first time home buyers and you are always on top of your game and very informative...both my client and I feel very confident with any findings and how to resolve any issues. You’ve always gone above and beyond for me and have always been available even for follow-up. My clients are very impressed with the binder they receive and I know any other realtors would be lucky to have you as a resource...”

Long & Foster Real Estate
Midlothian, Virginia





Mike and Ashley Silveira
Mike and Ashley Silveira
“As we all know a home inspection can be very stressful for both buyers and sellers. The smallest issue can turn into something huge and deals can be lost. I have personally recommended Don Penny with APHI on all of my transactions. His professionalism, punctuality, experience and knowledge have shined in every instance…For many a home will be the single largest investment made in their lifetime. So why wouldn’t you, as the agent, want to protect your clients and give them the best home inspection out there?”

Keller Williams Realty
Richmond, Virginia

“I want to take a moment and thank you for the extra effort you always manage to give my clients. I always impressed with your knowledge and how willingly you share that knowledge with the purchaser. I am also impressed with how often you go the extra mile from the last minute inspections to the awesome manual you provide. Thanks for your professional and caring attitude!”

Keller Williams Realty
Richmond, Virginia

“I have worked with Donald Penny for more than a year...He did an excellent job on treating my buyers with respect and doing a very professional home inspection. The job and report were done in a very professional manner...”

Richmond, Virginia

Melissa Acosta
Melissa Acosta
“During my first year as a realtor, I was nervous about who I could really trust my clients with. Especially first time buyers…I wanted them to feel comfortable with the inspection of their dream home…Every one of my clients loved your work and they loved to see their name and address and all the detail you showed them in the binder…I feel comfortable that you take your time to work with each client…Thank you for helping my real estate business run smoothly. I love to see people have a big smile on their face after they move in.”

Century 21 Real Estate
Colonial Heights, Virginia

"American Home Pride Inspections does a very professional job for all of my clients. APHI has always presented themselves and their materials in a professional and timely manner. They are approachable during the inspection process and always make a sincere effort to answer any and all questions for the clients. They have often "squeezed" in an appointment for my clients at a moment’s notice as a great service. I appreciate the extra efforts they provided on behalf of all of us. I recommend his service with complete sincerity."

JoanElaine Justice, Realtor
Keller Williams Realty
Richmond, Virginia

"I always feel confident about recommending American Pride Home Inspections to my clients. Their knowledge base and thoroughness make them a valuable asset and tremendous resource when trying to provide the very best service for my real estate clients. Always professional, always friendly and to top it off, reasonably priced!"

Kim Savage, Realtor
Real Estate Virginia
Richmond, Virginia

"Donald Penny has done several Home Inspections for us and we have found him to be prompt, professional and knowledgeable in his work. His reports have always come back to us in a prompt manner and the extras he includes in his inspection book impress us and the clients. We will continue to use Mr. Penny in the future, if he is available."

Linda R. Burchett, Realtor
Keller Williams Realty
Richmond, Virginia

“The presentation you mailed to our home was excellent. The material you distributed will be most helpful, and I look forward to sharing it with several friends. My observations reflected your level of safety, inspection house keeping and above all your post inspection communication me, the buyer. Your level of professionalism far exceeded our expectations. This is rare in this business. Thank you again for such an informative and pleasant meeting. Your warm welcome to the VA area made Linda and I feel we are home.”

George and Linda Webster
Richmond, VA

“American Pride Home Inspections and their inspectors are the 'Rolls Royce' of Home Inspection Companies. I've been completely satisfied with every aspect of our interaction with American Pride Home Inspections. The level of professionalism and experience was above all others that I have dealt with in the past. The Report and Summary added a polish to an already impeccable consumer presentation.”

Ethan Wirt
Richmond, VA


Matt Cullather
Matt Cullather
"I just want to take a minute to thank you for helping me this past year with my home inspections. The service you provide to my clients is top notch. As you know, I have several businesses that I need to refer my clients from home inspectors, to lenders, to termite inspectors, to attorneys, and the list goes on and on. It is important that everyone of my referrals goes above and beyond because it is a direct reflection on my business. I have had numerous clients thank me for referring American Pride Home Inspections. The reports that you put together, the pictures, the address labels that are made, the follow up to make sure everything went well, the time frame from inspection to when I get the report, all of the total package put Don Penny and American Pride Home Inspections in a league of your own. Keep up the good work and I will talk to you soon to schedule another home inspection. Thanks again!"

Matt Cullather, Realtor
Hometown Realty
Richmond, Virginia



This has been our first experience with this team! Being the President of a multi-million dollar company I appreciate good service. The service we have experienced with this team was excellent!!
I would highly recommend this team to anyone. Their technical experience as well as timeliness and service was superior. Additionally, their inspection resulted in more savings to us than their cost.
I am very impressed with this Company! All I can say is "Wow!"
Thank you for doing such a nice job!
Steven M. Piascik, C.P.A., M.T.

Chesterfield, VA

I was very pleased with the time and care you took in this inspection. You went over the house with a fine toothed comb. I was also very impressed with the time you took to answer my questions and explain things to me. You showed me a great deal of respect and did not treat me as many have in the past. (Like a dumb female)I respect and appreciate your honesty, thorouhgness and apparent integrity. I would recommend you to anyone needing a home inspection.

Karen Liptrap, Colonioal Heights, VA



I just wanted to tell you what a pleasant experience it was to have you inspect my future property. You were very professional & extremely well versed on all aspects of my home inspection. I feel that you may have saved me much stress & money by pointing out the possible problems, so that I can have them addressed before closing. I would highly reccomend you to any potential Home Owners. In fact I have already done so for my Daughters Boss who is in the process of buying a home in the very near future.


Again, Thank you!

Karen Tucker, Richmond, VA



Thanks for all your help and being our home inspector. I plan to visit the home on Th. to make sure that they have completed everything - I'll need Ryan to get up under the house to check it out!!!




Kelly Lowe, Chesterfield, VA




I wanted you to know that in the past inspections we’ve had, I can’t even remember who it was that did them. My wife and I were speaking about how much professionalism and dedication you bring to your profession, with the unique customer service oriented approach. Linda really has a great team!


Thanks for the great work!


John and Gisella Acevedo, Midlothian, VA