American Pride Home Inspections
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APHI's Approach to Home Inspections:

When the expert home inspectors of American Pride Home Inspections perform an inspection it is done from the bottom to the top, foundation to roof--and everything in between. An inspection includes the crawl space and attic (as long as our expert inspector can fit through the access and into the space--we go places other inspectors won't even consider!) Our expert inspectors examine the plumbing pipes and fixtures (including an exterior pressure test), the electrical system (including inside the electrical panel), and many other dimensions, too! Given the seriousness of the issue of radon in homes, American Pride Home Inspections also offers certified radon inspections.


American Pride Home Inspections offers the flexibility of evening and weekend inspections and will work with people-- on emergency basis-- to try to fit in one or two inspections at the last minute. American Pride Home Inspections offers an extensive listing of resource people, companies and organization from whom information may be obtained about issues requiring expert attention or repair such as plumbing, electrical, structural, HVAC and carpentry. The expert home inspectors of American Pride Home Inspections are available for follow-up questions by phone or e-mail about concerns or questions after the inspection. American Pride Home Inspections also offer extremely reduced rate inspections when asked to re-inspect a property previously inspected by the expert home inspectors of American Pride Home Inspections.

Thorough, Easy to Read Report and Extensive Documentation:

The American Pride Home Inspections report and comprehensive DVD are at the top of the industry. Our easy to understand report-- accompanied by digital photographs-- provides an easy and thorough reference. The inspection report for the real estate agent is delivered on a mini-CD in .pdf format or via e-mail and also includes all photographs. American Pride Home Inspections holds the clients time as a top priority and will not cancel or reschedule the inspection for any reason, barring life-threatening emergencies. At American Pride Home Inspections we are always on time (if not early) and we have the highest consideration of the client and agent’s time.

Answers that Make Sense:

At American Pride Home Inspections, our staff and expert home inspectors enjoy helping our clients make informed decisions about the inspection of their home. Educating the client and the agent on the home inspection process is very important to us-- ask us anything! We'll give you the answer or find it for you!