American Pride Home Inspection has performed a multitude of interviews with real estate agents to find out what the most advantageous aspect of having a home inspection performed by American Pride Home Inspections is for their clients... An overwhelming percentage came back with similar answers:

"Protection of a client's interests--whether buying a home or selling one, getting the most for their money when selling and protection of their investment when they are buying. Understanding what they are getting when they are buying." American Pride Home Inspections consistently delivers just that (and frequently even more).

The inspection process in done to identify large structural and system defects or failures. In the process, the inspector will stumble across smaller items that may need to be addressed in the near future--if not immediately. Home inspections are meant to give the homeowner, buyer and/or seller peace of mind, investment protection and a better understanding of what they’ve got or what they are getting.

Everyone thinks that the home they are buying or selling is the perfect one. Let the expert home inspectors of American Pride Home Inspections help you prepare for your real estate transaction by finding--through an extensive and comprehensive home inspection--what needs to be repaired so that you will know that even if its not perfect, your home is as close to perfect as it can be.