We understand the emotional attachment your clients have with their home and that the decision to sell that home is a huge step. With so many homes on the market today, selling their home can be tough.

One of the responsibilities as their real estate agent is to make their home as marketable as it can be. With the Certified Defect Free Pre-Owned Home Program you will have the upper hand over all the other homes for sale in the area.

Why not put the ball in your client’s court and make the purchase an easy choice for the buyer?

Here’s How It Works

Once your client decides to sell their home, schedule the inspection. Our inspectors will inspect the home in accordance with the ASHI Standards of Practice and find everything that needs to be repaired.

Once the inspection has been completed, the seller will repair all the defects that were discovered during the inspection. To qualify for the program, all of the defects have to be repaired. Not just the big ones. Once the defects have been repaired your inspector will re-inspect the property as many times as necessary to insure that the repairs meet the high standard of American Pride Home Inspections, the ASHI Standards of Practice and are in accordance with industry standards and/or meet code. When your inspector is satisfied with the repairs, a certificate stating that the home has been certified defect free by American Pride Home Inspections will be issued and is backed by a 120 day Structural and Mechanical Limited Home Warranty.

The agent will be provided with a sign that states that the home has been certified defect free to hang with the for sale sign and the home will be listed on our web site for free. The web listing will then be e-mailed to about 2000 agents in the Richmond Tri-Cities area. Fliers of the home will be provided at the open house for potential buyers to take with them.

Once a buyer has a ratified contract on the property we will provide the buyer with a free inspection of the property which will be backed by a 90 Structural and Mechanical Limited Home Warranty.

Here’s What You Get

  • Superior Home Inspection
  • Free HVAC Evaluation
  • Free Electrical Evaluation
  • Free Termite Inspection
  • 120 Day Home Warranty
  • Free Re-Inspections
  • Free Buyers Inspection
  • A Free 90 Day Buyers Home Warranty