How do Pre-listing Inspections Work?

You or your real estate sales professional contacts American Pride Home Inspections (804-327-9189) to arrange a Pre-listing Inspection.

American Pride Home Inspections completes the inspection and delivers The Home Reference Book with the completed report to the home within 2 business days. This will be displayed for prospective buyers to look at during open houses and showings.

American Pride Home Inspections prepares a draft Summary Report within 2 business days after the inspection report is complete and the seller has reviewed and signed of on the content, and emails it to you and your real estate sales professional for review.

You and the agent approve the draft via email or phone. Alternatively, you or your agent may contact American Pride Home Inspections with any comments or questions about the Summary.

If you choose to make improvements to the home, you may attach any receipts for work completed to the Summary Reports. Or you may ask us to hold off on printing the 50 copies of the Summary Report. We will revisit the home after the work is completed. We will revise the Home Reference Book Report and Summary Report as needed. (The fee for this will be based on the travel time, time spent on site, and time spent revising the Home Reference Book Report and Summary Report.)

American Pride Home Inspections will print 50 copies of the Summary Report after approval is received, and will deliver them the next business day to your desired location.

Prospective buyers will pick up a copy of the Summary Report at open houses or showings.

You may choose to have American Pride Home Inspections post the Summary Report on a private web page during the listing period. This allows prospective buyers to view the Summary Report online.

The Pre-listing Inspection Summary Report can be referenced in listings, on feature sheets, on web sites, in advertisements, on lawn signs, etc. The web page address for the Summary Report can be included in any of these.

When the home is sold, the Home Reference Book and the report inside are left at the home for the buyer.

The buyer may engage American Pride Home Inspections to perform a walk-through inspection, and discuss the findings with the buyer. (Fee is $150.)

You are also entitled to a 10% discount on the American Pride Home Inspections inspection of your next home, if it is within the American Pride Home Inspections service area.