Don Penny, The Founder of American Pride Home Inspections

Don Penny, founder of American Pride Home Inspections, has over thirty years of experience in the construction industry along with seven years as the architectural project coordinator for a major homebuilder. At American Pride Home Inspections, our expert home inspectors know how a house is put together and what it is supposed to look like when it is done. Inspections are performed with that knowledge and anything not in its place is noticed and documented on the thorough inspection report. The expert home inspectors of American Pride Home Inspections can spot and point out issues with a home that other inspectors won’t or can’t find and the diagnosis of the issue is much faster. American Pride Home Inspections offers the highest quality of customer service and inspections that meet or exceed industry standards. American Pride Home Inspections is "people oriented" and can explain flaws and defects in terms everyone can understand, without over-emphasizing minor defects or alarming the client. At the end of the inspection, recommendations are made as to which issues should be addressed immediately by a qualified and licensed contractor and which issues can be addressed at a later date or fixed by the client.