Frequently Asked Questions about Pre-Listing Inspections

Question: What is the time frame for the completion of the summary reports?

Answer: Typically, turn around time is the next business day after the original inspection. The day after the inspection we will send you an email, which gives you a chance to review the summary report material before we print the final copies. After you review the material, and provide your authorization, we will go ahead and have the summaries printed and delivered to the destination of your choice.

Question: What if I need the summary reports sooner?

Answer: Depending on where (city) we are delivering to, a faster turn around time may be possible. Please speak with one of our booking staff should you require a faster turn around time.

Question: How are the summaries delivered to me?

Answer: We will courier the summaries to the destination you have requested. Typically we hand deliver or sometimes we use DHL.

Question: What if I would like to request more than 50 copies of the summary report?

Answer: If you would like additional copies of the summary, they can be provided to you at our cost.

Question: Who is taking the pictures?

Answer: Our inspectors are carrying digital cameras and will take a picture of the front of the home as well as an assortment of photos. If you have some areas of the home you would like photographed, you may want to clear these areas prior to the inspector's arrival.

Question: What if I would like to use my own picture(s) for the front page of the summary?

Answer: That is no problem. All you have to do is email your picture(s) to us. You will want to ensure that your pictures are at least 150dpi, 800x600 pixels, and at least 300kb. If you have any questions about sending, or picture type(s) please contact us at 804-327-9189.

Question: What if I would like to use your picture(s) on my website, listing, etc.?

Answer: Many agents have used our pictures on their MLS listings. All you have to do is let us know, and we will email you the photos we have of the property at no charge.

Question: What if the buyer wants his or her own inspection?

Answer: That is fine, everyone’s comfort level will improve when the findings are substantially the same. (They will differ on minor items due to sampling differences in the inspection process.) The credibility of the listing agent will be reinforced in the eyes of the buyer.

Question: What if I want to take the Home Reference Book with me when I leave the property?

Answer: You should leave the Home Reference Book because it contains the report on this home, which is only of use to the buyer. You will get a new copy of the Home Reference Book when we inspect your next home. If this is not applicable, you can receive a copy of the Book at a cost of $45. ($50 off the $95 retail price)

Question: What about my privacy?

Answer: Although this may be obvious, since the report is being used to market the home, you agree to make public the report details as part of the inspection agreement with American Pride Home Inspections.

Question: What if a prospective buyer wants to get a walk-through inspection before buying the property?

Answer: This is available at the $150 fee. The buyer cannot take the Home Reference Book with the full report inside, because it is still on display at the home. Prospective buyers who purchase the walk-through may purchase a copy of the Home Reference Book for an additional $75, if desired. (Remember though, that the buyer will receive the copy on display in the home, when he or she buys the property.)

Question: What if I have repairs or improvements done after the original Pre-listing Inspection? Can we record these repairs / improvements on the summaries and Home Reference Book report?

Answer: Most sellers address these repairs and/or improvements with any buyers by including the work order receipts with the report and summaries. This is the fastest way to include the updates. For us to note the repairs/improvements on the summaries and HRB report, we have to revisit the property and make our updates. There is a small fee involved for this update (please call us at 804-327-9189 for further information). We are then able to update the summaries and Home Reference Book report.